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    Get Moving!


    We provide three core offerings:


    - Vital Flow large group classes

    - Small groups of 3 or 4; or

    - Private individualised sessions

    All Empowered Ageing clients are fully committed to their health journey, and we come together at least once a month for a variety of social activities.


    We want you to be surrounded by the right tribe of people helping you to achieve your goals!

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  • Personal training progression

    Level 1

    The Pillars 

    Rebuilding the Base

    • Sit and stand from a chair without using hands
    • Lie on the floor and get up without assistance from objects or people, using only your arms and hands
    • Dress more easily and autonomously
    • Enjoy safer and more comfortable daily walks with fewer joint pains
    • Improve reaction time, attempting to prevent falls in situations like stumbling or slipping
    • Climb up and down stairs with more confidence
    • Enhance posture to reduce stress and back pain
    • Increase shoulder and hip mobility
    • Enhance hand-eye coordination for daily tasks
    • Relearn how to play ball games (throwing, catching, hitting, and dribbling)

    Level 2


    Strengthening Independence

    • Sit and stand from the floor with the help of only one hand
    • Lie on the floor, roll, and stand up fluidly
    • Dress independently
    • Comfortably walk 5 to 10 km daily
    • Regain the ability to jog and perform basic skipping
    • Master techniques for rolling or landing in the event of a fall
    • Travel and carry luggage with confidence and safety (without fear of falling)
    • Develop strong backs and master the technique of lifting objects or children
    • Maintain balance on one leg for more than 5 seconds
    • Play group ball games with rapid directional changes

    Level 3


    Reach your best shape

    • Sit and stand from the floor with minimal hand/arm assistance
    • Lie down, roll, and get up smoothly and effortlessly
    • Confidently jump over objects with and without hand support
    • Ascend and descend stairs without hand assistance
    • Comfortably walk more than 10 km on challenging terrains without energy difficulties
    • Automatically respond to falls, protecting the body from severe accidents
    • Play with children (e.g., grandchildren) agilely, with fun and enthusiasm, and without immediate exhaustion


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    Your health investment

    We provide options for every budget.


    If you don’t have any major injuries or limitations, you will probably be able to join our Vital Flow classes (max 10 people in each group).


    However, if you have very specific or severe injuries or health conditions (such as arthritis, Parkinson’s, or body limitations such as back or knee pain), or if you prefer a more elite service, you will receive a private service for either individuals or couples. Later, you may progress to small groups (max 3) or join Vital Flow.


    Once we have assessed your state of health, we will be able to confirm which type of training will be best for you.
  • About Arlindo

    Arlindo is a seasoned professional with a robust foundation in Sports Science and a wealth of experience as a Motivational Coach and Personal Trainer (Cert IV Fitness Instructor, Australia).


    Arlindo's journey began as a PE teacher. He also founded and managed a successful martial arts school, going on to train elite athletes.


    However, the pinnacle of Arlindo's career has been the past decade, where he has found his true calling in aiding people to embrace healthy ageing through movement. His approach transcends conventional training; it's about instilling a love for movement and enabling life-changing experiences.


    Arlindo’s techniques have shown remarkable success in helping individuals overcome or significantly alleviate physical challenges like back and hip pain, arthritis, and Parkinson's.


    What truly sets Arlindo apart is his skill in guiding those who have been distant from exercise for some time, whether due to apprehension or long gaps in physical activity. His approach is not just about training; it's about discovering a newfound appreciation for movement in one's life.


    At the core of Arlindo's philosophy is a holistic approach to health, deeply rooted in the principles of the Blue Zone. He firmly believes that while movement is crucial, it's just one piece of the larger puzzle of wellbeing. Arlindo is dedicated to guiding you through this holistic journey, ensuring that every step you take towards fitness is a step towards a happier, healthier life.




    "I’ve been looking for a trainer like Arlindo for years, someone that understands that training needs to be different for someone older than for someone at their peak. Over the last 10 years or so I’ve had a few Personal Trainers. Most have tried to train me as if I’m still a 19 year old which isn’t enjoyable and leads to injury. I particularly like the focus on accepting your age and limitations, and to train accordingly. These are magic words for me to hear! I highly recommend this program and I am really enjoying the sessions!"


    - Rob Cinnamon -


    “After breaking my shoulder, I stopped doing a lot of physical activities. I was afraid of injuring myself again and very protective of my arm. Luckily, I found Arlindo, and slowly my confidence returned. With Arlindo’s expert guidance, I discovered I was capable of more movement than I imagined and in time became much stronger. Arlindo’s strength is his ability to listen and customize a plan based on the needs and abilities of his clients. Most importantly, he brings fun and variety to his approach and makes learning how to take care of your body a real joy."


    - Lynn Nicolai -



    "A carefully thought out series of exercises and movements delivered at a sensible pace for starting the process of learning to move, think and enjoy being alive. Some of it is tough to readjust your limbs and brains to but with gentle guidance from Arlindo….you get there and reap the benefits. If I was younger, I would pretend to be older to join this group." 


    - Ian Rogers -


    "Arlindo is an effective and creative coach who is passionate – and very knowledgeable – about fitness for older folks like me. I have been much more flexible since I started working with him six months ago. I’m also a lot stronger, using muscles I’d forgotten I had. He makes a point of mixing plenty of fun with the challenges he sets, which are based on careful observation of what I am capable of doing safely. Last but not least, Arlindo is very patient: for example, the number of times I get my Left and Right sides confused would make most grown men cry. I give a big thumbs up to Arlindo!"


    - Janice Affonso -


    "I can highly recommend Arlindo if you are looking for a trainer. He is very professional and passionate about helping people achieve their goals towards better fitness and good health. Arlindo, unlike many other trainers I have encountered, will maintain his focus on you and take into account any health issues you may have. He is extremely knowledgeable with an extraordinary and varied background in fitness. He is also a very decent and caring human being."


    - Virginia Lowe -   


    "My partner and I have been working with Arlindo for six months. We had the usual stiffness, aches, and pains associated with growing older and wanted to improve fitness levels, mobility, and balance which with Arlindo’s help and support we are achieving. I had a long-standing hip problem which was very painful and restrictive at times, nothing had helped until Arlindo came along and within three months my hip completely recovered. Arlindo is so knowledgeable and passionate about working with older people and treats us all as individuals with tailor-made programs. We cannot recommend him highly enough as a personal trainer and to top it all he is a lovely guy."


    - Alan Cresswell - 

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