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    Let's rewrite the 'rules' of ageing together!

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    Do you think that ageing is an inevitable downward slope? I am here to show you that the answer is a resounding 'No'!

    Welcome to my transformative 12-week program designed to empower you on your journey to optimal health and well-being for the rest of your life. This unique program is crafted to accommodate participants at any stage, allowing you to join at any week and seamlessly integrate into the transformative experience. 

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  • What is covered?

    Finding optimal health means examining all the areas of your life.


    Nutrition: Learn how to increase your daily energy, prevent disease, and still eat delicious food.

    Movement: Overcome psychological barriers to getting the amount of exercise and movement you need, and identify activities you enjoy.

    Mindset: Learn about mindful eating, positive thinking, breathing techniques and other ways to increase inner peace.

    Practical: Take practical workshops that teach real life skills, such as making sauerkraut and removing pollutants in the home.



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  • Program Highlights


    Flexible Entry: The workshop is structured to accommodate participants joining at any point during the 12-week period. This ensures that the program suits your schedule or travel plans, and allows for a personalised approach to your health journey.


    Holistic Transformation: Our workshop combines the power of information and personalised health coaching in small groups to guide you towards a holistic transformation. Each session, lasting 1-1.5 hours, is carefully curated to provide a blend of knowledge and practical tools to enhance your overall well-being.


    Personalised Tracking: To enhance your self-awareness and track your progress, participants are encouraged to keep an optional food and mood diary. This tool becomes invaluable during discussions with your coach, fostering a deeper understanding of the connections between lifestyle choices and well-being.


    Community Support: All our workshops are interactive so you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet others! You will also join our exclusive WhatsApp community where you'll find a strong network of peers sharing similar health goals. This platform offers a space for mutual support, shared experiences, and valuable insights. Peer support has been proven to be a key factor in successful health transformations.


  • What people are saying

    "Thank you for the great talk on diet and healthy aging today. It was a superb presentation - you kept us engaged, it was very informative and inspiring and I had fun, as well as meeting some new people. A highly successful afternoon. Thank you!"

    - Fairlie Gibson -

    What people are saying

    "This thoughtful, insightful and professional presentation was impressive."

    - Caron Kobos -

    What people are saying

    "Great information delivered in every-day language."

    - Lynn Nicolai -

    What people are saying

    "Thought provoking and relaxed."

    - Annette Evans -

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    Your Health Investment

    3 flexible options to allow for travel


    3 SESSIONS: €80

    4 SESSIONS: €100

    12 SESSIONS: €250



    Lagos, Portimao and Online


    Lagos: Tuesday afternoons at 2:30pm

    Portimao and Online: coming soon


    Embark on this 12-week workshop and invest in your well-being. Let us guide you, the community support uplift you, and the knowledge transform you. Your health journey starts here!




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